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Dr. Majed Nagoulat, DC grew up with chiropractic and the wellness lifestyle that he now teaches his patients. He feels privileged to be part of a profession that simultaneously helps heal people and teaches them to take control of their own health. He caters  to those "Young in Age and Young at Heart." His practice emphasizes long term health because it is more sustainable and cost-effective for everyone. By teaching young people to be conscious of how they treat their bodies, their health becomes a way of life rather than something that needs patching up. Dr. Nagoulat prides himself on teaching his patients to be proactive in their health. He takes time to talk with them about their options, helping them set health goals mindful of the fact that health is not just an absence of disease, but rather a state of vibrancy.


Dr. Nagoulat is a former student of Dr. Shirer and took over his practice in 2016. His sole purpose in life is to provide the highest quality care possible and he is very passionate about his patients.  Dr. Nagoulat's motto is "Pain is not a Lifestyle". He strives to help you overcome whatever has been holding you back from work, spending time with family, exercising, hobbies, travel, or simply being the person you want to be. When your spine and nervous system are healthy, you are able to be the best YOU possible! 

In our facility, you will receive state-of-the-art therapy, designed to ease your pain and improve your health. Dr. Nagoulat works with each patient to create an individualized treatment plan that addresses their personal needs. His goal is unique. It's to keep you out of the doctor's office (including ours) and get you out of pain in a minimum amount of visits.

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